Important Questions to Ask Your Breeder Before Purchasing a Toy Breed


Getting a toy breed is a huge decision that requires proper research into the health and history of the pup. You need to ensure that your dog has the right qualities, and one way to confirm is by talking to your breeder. The answers you receive will allow you to determine whether or not to proceed with the purchase. Below are the top questions every prospective dog owner needs to ask their breeder before purchasing a toy breed.

Can I Meet the Puppy’s Parents before purchasing a toy breed?

Before purchasing a toy breed, it is essential to enquire about the parents. Meeting the pup’s parents gives you an idea of what to expect from your dog. It is necessary to evaluate the temperament of each parent and how the puppy rates with them. Are the parents aggressive, well-adjusted, or shy? Do they look happy? Are their eyes bright? Evaluate the parents’ health and request their medical records, if any. These questions give you vital insights about what to expect when you purchase your dog. 

How Old is the Puppy?

While this may seem basic, ensuring your toy breed is within the right age is essential. Generally, puppies are due for adoption between 8 to 12 weeks old. Buying them too soon can be problematic because they need to socialize properly with their littermates and other puppies early in life. 

What is the Vaccination Status of the Dog?

Another critical question to ask your breeder before purchasing a toy breed, is the dog’s vaccination status. Regular vaccinations help to protect your puppy from infectious diseases and other kinds of conditions. Asking about the dog’s vaccination status enables you to track its vaccination history and when it is next due for a shot. Puppies are usually vaccinated between the age of 8 and 10 weeks. Subsequent doses are typically given two to four weeks after. Speak with your vet to set up a schedule and determine the best timing for vaccinations. 

What should I be Feeding a toy breed puppy that I purchased?

Regardless of what you intend to feed your toy breed, it is vital to continue feeding it the same food for the first few days after bringing it home to reduce the risk of gastronomical distress. Change of diet should be a gradual but steady process. Always purchase three to four days’ worth of food while buying it from the breeder. Ask about the feeding schedule and quantity it presently consumes.

Has the Puppy Been Dewormed?

Similar to vaccinations, every puppy should be treated for fleas and worms at an early age. Almost all puppies are born with worms; periodic deworming is necessary to ensure optimal health and well-being. That usually occurs between the first and second weeks, and each puppy must have taken at least a dose of dewormer before their 6th week. 
Purchasing a toy breed is a huge investment that requires careful planning and research. The breed is highly coveted for its well-behaved and pleasant disposition. You can reach out to us if you have any pet inquiries, and we will do well to respond quickly.

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