Charming Charlie


💙Tiny Teacup Male Chihuahua💙

This little Chihuahua is a cute and affectionate little guy named Charlie , he is Charming and Snuggly. He is incredibly intelligent and loving. Despite his small size and short legs, he has a long and fluffy coat. He has a wide white blaze on his face, symmetrical markings, a button nose, and wide-set eyes. His thick hair is tan with specks of black in his coat. Overall, he is the best little Chihuahua you could ask for.

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💉 Vaccinations up to Date
🔬 Microchipped
👨‍⚕️ Veterinarian Florida Health Certificate
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Chocolate Crumb - $2200

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Chocolate crumb my oh my chocolate baby male tiny toy sized yorkie. Thick highlight chocolate coat. Heavenly hazel eyes, beautiful button brown nose. Sweet and snuggly little guy. What a looker!

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Super teenie tiny teacup female yorkie. super short & stocky body. Itty bitty nose & tiny onyx eyes. Loves to snuggle & laid-back little girl. loves to play and loves to explore, she is inquisitive and super intelligent. this is little girl is the perfect companion.