Maltese Puppy: What You Should Know Before Getting One


The Maltese breed is a playful and gentle dog breed that has won the hearts of families worldwide because of its pleasant and friendly nature. The Maltese breed stands out because of its fashionable white coat and long tail. However, before you get a Maltese puppy, it is important to acquaint yourself with certain basic knowledge about this noble and loyal breed. 

Feeding and Nutritional Requirements 

Before you get a Maltese puppy, it is essential to understand its dietary requirements. The Maltese dog breed requires an optimal and balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals to function effectively. Maltese puppies generally require more calories than their adult counterparts since they are still growing. Their daily caloric intake is around 400 calories for puppies and 200 calories for adults. Growing puppies require between 3-4 servings per day. That can be reduced to two meals per day as they grow older. The portion to be served depends on the character of the individual dog. Age, metabolism, and activity levels impact feeding and portion size.

Most vets recommend high-protein raw meals for Maltese. Provide them with dry meals rather than wet meals to avoid tooth decay and other dental infections. Always contact your vet for guidance before offering any meal to your pet. That is especially important because certain food brands may contain chemicals that harm your pet. 

Training Your Puppy

Maltese are intelligent and obedient little dogs that respond excellently to learning and training. It is important to start their training as early as possible, preferably around 12 weeks of age. Start with little tasks, like fetch, before proceeding to more complex tasks. Provide rewards once they successfully execute any given task. Training them to get along with other dogs, pets, and humans is also vital. Maltese are prone to developing separation anxiety; therefore, they endeavor to leave them alone for limited periods during training sessions. 

Malteses Are Not Cold Tolerant

Another key point to note before you get a Maltese puppy is the temperature disposition of the dog breed. Unlike smaller breeds like the Chihuahua, Maltese generally detest cold temperatures. They can easily develop colds, chills, and other infections that come with cold weather. That is why it is not advisable to get a Maltese puppy if you live in a cold region. However, you can remedy this problem by getting puppy sweaters and coats for your pup. 

Grooming Your Maltese Puppy

The Maltese breed is renowned for its silky white coat reaching to the floor. Unlike other breeds, Maltese are not serial shedders and generally shed less than average. Their coats are easily stained, meaning they require more maintenance and care. They can also develop urine staining due to their long white coats; however, this can be remedied with dog shampoos. Tear stains are also common with Maltese, and to manage such face stains, ensure you frequently wipe their eyes using warm water. Daily brushing their coats prevents tangles and knots from building up. Finally, don’t forget to brush their teeth and clip their nails regularly. 

The Maltese breed is an excellent choice for first-time homeowners because of their pleasant and friendly dispositions. As ideal lap dogs, they are quick to show affection and are fast learners during training. Before you get a Maltese puppy, ensure you equip yourself with the requisite knowledge, such as those highlighted above. Whenever you’re ready to purchase a Maltese Puppy, please be sure to contact us, or see what pups we have available!

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